What is Startup Students?

Startup Students is a community dedicated to students, aiming to promote technological entrepreneurship.

The main objective of this initiative is to have a significant impact on the country's economic development by enhancing the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of students, as well as the research and development potential of higher education institutions, in line with entrepreneurial trends.

The program aims to replicate and multiply the development of initiatives that are meant to cultivate additional knowledge and skills beyond the university curriculum.

Speed Accelerator by Startup Students
Speed Accelerator is a 5-week program dedicated to ambitious students with the goal of acquainting them with the aspects of launching a startup. The program aims to develop entrepreneurial skills in students and even assist them in launching businesses and developing products with potential within their university.
A 5-week program where students will learn the aspects of launching a startup, how to develop entrepreneurial skills, and how to launch businesses and develop products with potential.
A series of interactive and dynamic meetups dedicated to students, where we get to know the founders of the most successful startups in Moldova. The sessions will take place at 10 universities across the country.
The Startup Students programs
Startup Students organizes events for students interested in entrepreneurship and willing to learn how to launch a startup.
Speed Accelerator
Guest lectures
A discussion session for students interested in entrepreneurship and startups. The event was held in the format of conversations related to the development of students as entrepreneurs.
The coolest event of August, where participants had the opportunity to have discussions with the founders of 12 startups and learn the behind-the-scenes stories.
Startup Focus Grup
A conference dedicated to the most current topics related to IT and entrepreneurship. The speakers shared with students the foundations underlying a startup and the steps a young entrepreneur needs to take to achieve their goals.
Startup Conference
Startup Picnic
Parteneri Academici
The University of Physical Education and Sport in Moldova.
Moldova State University
The "Nicolae Testemițanu" State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the Republic of Moldova.
The State Pedagogical University
"Ion Creangă" in Chișinău
The State University of Cahul in Moldova.
*The "Startup Students" initiative is carried out with the support of the Future Technologies Project, funded by USAID, Sweden, and the UKaid
Contact us:

Phone: 060871754

Email: startupstudents@technovator.world

Adress: Strada Serghei Lazo 38, Chişinău 20

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